Sunday, August 17, 2008

Old Quilt, New Quilt

I washed the quilt in the tub. YES! I soaked it right in the water and everything. This is the second rinse, still filthy! I used Woolite and walked around on it with my feet. I know I'm taking a risk, here, but I have a friend who did this with a similar old wool quilt and it turned out wonderfully, so I decided to just go ahead and take the plunge, so to speak. Our rainy weekend is over. I draped this quilt over a bench (on top of a blanket) and hopefully it will be dry tomorrow. I guess it isn't going to look different to you but I'm sure it will to me!

While I was letting that soak, I tried out the layout for my quilt with the sawtooth stars. Sometimes it is hard to tell how it's going when you're staring at it, but taking a picture of it helps. So here it is... I still have twenty stars to make. I was concerned that the star backgrounds are all the same fabric, and everything else looks kind of scrappy, but I decided it looks pretty good. I didn't realize the blues were so different, though. This quilt doesn't have a name... I saw something similar on the internet years ago; I think it was called Stepping Stones.

I think quilters appreciate the value of every color, but yes, obviously red is my favorite. I also like green and yellow a lot. I like my new banner but I miss the green, so I thought I'd add a little green back in here. This gourd thing is one of my volunteers. Anyone know what it is? I am assuming it is decorative, but perhaps you can eat it.

I just got back from friend Vicki's house, where I learned more about canning. She was canning salsa. Yum! It had very nice flavor but was a little hot for me. I brought a jar home for BFJ. I will have to make my own with a little less heat. She did give me a jar of some DELICIOUS strawberry-rhubarb spread stuff. I may have to get the recipe for that!


Cheryl said...

Have you tried strawberry cranberry? It's yummy! I made it for the first time this year and was really pleased. The person who gave me the recipe calls it Christmas jam. I wish I had a good recipe for salsa as mines ok but could be better. Cheryl

Caryn said...

Your sawtooth star quilt is coming along nicely - love the red and blue.

Stephanie D. said...

Oh, yuck! That quilt really WAS filthy, wasn't it?

Love the red header!

quiltmom said...

Your sawtooth star quilt is coming along beautifully- Well done, Karen-
I have never canned salsa but I do love it fresh in the summer with cilantro, garlic onions and some jalepeno peppers-of course the base is tomato although I know someone who can not eat tomatoes so she use red peppers ( sweet as her base)
I love strawberries and rhubarb together- I will have to make some crumble- sometimes known as fruit crisp or cobbler. Cobbler tends to have a more cake texture than crisp- its a great dessert with ice-cream..
Enjoy your cooking.
Your old quilt will soon look better- good for you for taking the plunge..

Karen said...

Cheryl, you've intrigued me with your Christmas Jam suggestion. I found on on Hope it is similar, as I just may try it. Thanks!!

brigette said...

i think that is a gourd karen. i don't know though. it just looks like one. i've had about every time of squash under the sun and i've never seen that kind.
so wanna tell us how to make salsa?
i've canned TONS of stuff this year. yesterday i made chicken/rice/veggie soup and jarred it. i had everything to make a triple batch and knew it would just go to waste so i made it and pressured it. i'm just learning to can but i'm really loving it.
i did marinara again on monday. and i'm doing it again on next monday. i want enough for winter!!
geeze, sorry for the long comment. you can make fun of me later.