Monday, October 26, 2009


Let me just start off by saying I know this is kind of creepy, but we don't know what else to try!  I'm hoping that someone out there will have a good suggestion. 

Our oldest kid wakes up every day with a new bite; you know, like bed bugs.  They look like mosquito bites, or possibly spider bites, a small red bump.  He usually has one or two new ones a day, as many as eight, but they are spread out all over his body, not in one spot. 

We have washed and changed his sheets and everything on his bed, more than once, covered his mattress in plastic, etc. Finally, we took his whole room apart, washed the sheets, all the stuffed animals, took everything out from under his bed, off the shelves, vacuumed, removed anything suspicious (he has a rock collection and a bottle cap collection).  While we were dismantling his room, he slept in his brothers' room for two nights, and did not get any bites, so therefore, we deduce it is in his room.  We have never seen any bed bugs, spiders, anything that would bite him.  We looked up bites on the internet and found scabies, with numerous pictures; this is not what he has.  We have given him a mattress that was in the other boys' room.  This morning, he had a new bite on the back of his leg.  

No one else in the house gets bitten.  We have shampooed the carpets, we have thoroughly checked behind the furniture, under the furniture...  We do have pets; the cats sleep under his bed sometimes, but they sleep ON the beds of everyone else, including ours.  The dog doesn't really go in his room.  Does anyone have a suggestion??  Next call is to the pediatrician but you know, they have very limited hours and with H1N1 floating around, it's hard to get ahold of someone if you don't have the flu!  The only thing we have not tried is something chemical, like a bug bomb.  I guess we are down to this.  If anyone has a suggestion, we'd so appreciate it! 


Judy said...

Carpet Beetles ? Someone suggested this is what got to my sheep

Stephanie D. said...

I have no clue! Sorry! I hope you figure out something soon.

Yarn Thing said...

My grandmother had bed bugs and she also had the same symptoms.

She had to put anything that was fabric (towels, clothes, sheets, etc.) in a big plastic bag and had to leave it for a week. I guess it takes a week for the bugs to die in there.

She also had to call an exterminator to get rid of have to move EVERYTHING away from the walls and EVERYROOM because those things MOVE! They hide in couches, pillows, hampers, etc.

I really hope it isn't bed bugs but really does sound like it.

Good Luck!


ranette said...

Could be flea bites. Is there a little tiny blister on the bite?

Cats do carry fleas and they are hard to get rid of. Some people aren't bothered by them and some are. You have to treat the cats and the dog and the house.

I feel for you guys.

dajknits said...

I read somewhere that sticky traps are a good way to catch bed bugs. I think it said that sprays are not effective.
I feel bad for your little boy, how awful.

matthew said...

Eeeek...I don't know what that could be - but it sounds like you're taking all the right steps. Make sure to throw a cap (or ten) of bleach in with those sheets when you wash 'em!!

Hopefully you get it figured out soon!

Candace said...

When I lived in Colorado and had my bed next to a window, I was waking up every night with little bites and itching like crazy. Turns out red cedar mites were crawling in through tiny cracks in the window sill. They were so tiny you had to get a magnifier to see them - and when I saw how many there were I couldn't believe it! A bug bomb killed them, but I had to get a new mattress. I also agree they could be bed bugs which are really hard to get rid of, but if I were you I would get an exterminators opinion as soon as possible. I don't want to scare you, but if that's what they are, you need to take action as soon as possible. Good luck and let us know what the verdict is, Karen!

nicoledemana said...

Hi my grandson kep comming home with bites from his dads it turned out to be fleas off the cat we have pets but they are de-flead every three months hope this helps love Nicole x