Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 Olympics

Are you watching the Olympics? 

Last night, BFJ and I watched the first half of the Opening Ceremonies while the boys were away.  I enjoyed the pastoral scene as well as the industrial scene, but could have done without the modern era.  We picked up the boys and got home in time to see most of the athletes coming into the arena, and definitely got to see Team USA entering.  I thought the cauldron lighting was amazing!!

Today, we are enjoying the swimming and archery specifically.  Hurray! Team USA, winning the silver in archery; I'm sure it was bitter sweet for them but they're young, I think they'll all be back.  I'm furiously knitting a Starling, hoping that Phelps and Lochte will pull it together tonight and get some medals!  (My Starling will be done in time for Stitches MidEast.)  I was thinking of Jane when the Canadian girls' soccer team won their match this morning, Jane being a Canadian in the UK. 

What events are you watching? 

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Sew Create It - Jane said...

Wasn't the opening ceremony great! You were lucky to have the time difference as it made your watching at a more reasonable time! It started here at 9pm and I managed to see Canada enter the arena and then head to bed. My DD1 stayed up for the whole thing and shuffled to bed a 1am!

I'm catching bits and pieces...DD1 has the remote and jumps from event to event so it is hard to follow! LOL I hope to see the diving and the synchronised swimming as they are fun to watch.