Sunday, September 30, 2012

one last breath of September

IMG_7536 We drove past a neighbor with a fairy ring this morning, and she was kind enough to let me loiter in her yard for a few minutes this evening, so that I could get a few pictures of it.

Ah, September.

You have been a good month.

IMG_3965 IMG_5374 IMG_5594 IMG_6013 5973 Don Juan rose IMG_6057 IMG_7333 IMG_7330 IMG_7520

Friday, September 28, 2012

It's Finally Fall!

Fall is here!  The last month here has been crazy busy.  Let's see...  After I went to my mother-in-law's for a visit and some peaches, I spent a week with my cousins here.  I think I mentioned that.  The next week, my LYS and others in the area had a "yarn crawl," otherwise known as a shop hop.  I went to all 21 shops with my bff.  It took us four days - we had to keep coming back by mid afternoon to get all our kids from school, so it took longer than if we'd had some dedicated calender space.  It was a lot of fun.  I had never been to Fabric Bliss but we loved that shop, and loved Aurora.  We also enjoyed Fancy Tiger, though I've been before, and I was tempted to buy some house yarn from Gypsy Wool but we had to stamp and run in order to get the kids.  Again.  There were lots of great shops.  I hear it will become an annual event, I'm happy to say! 
I've also published a new pattern!  The Aisling (ASH-leen) hat is knit from Windy Valley's Majestic Blend - 15% qiviut, 80% superfine merino, 5% silk.  I LOVE hats.  I LOVE cables.  You can get this pattern from their website here.

3631 Aisling Hat

After our week together going shop hopping, my friend Amber and I decided to do some canning.  We went for cucumbers and ended up with a flat each of strawberries, plus some raspberries.  So a couple days later we each had a dozen jars of pickles, and some delicious jams.  That ought to last me awhile on the pbj front. 

This week, I've been editing pictures like crazy, teaching knitting, helping at school.  I'm getting geared up for the final Stitches conference next month in Connecticut.  I'm doing lots of stuff with Windy Valley, my besty, my kids, and of course my wonderful husband.  I hope we have time to get some family pictures when the leaves turn!

What are you up to?