Tuesday, August 14, 2018

summer of red shawls

This summer, I have knit at least four red shawls.  I'm not complaining!  Red is my favorite color.  Three I knitted in Windy Valley yarns, and since I knew they would make a lovely picture, I worked to get them all finished about the same time before sending any off to new owners.

The bottom one is in WV Suri Alpaca, a lace-weight yarn.  The yarn came back to me from a customer who wanted a poncho similar to one that I'd knitted for her before.  However, we decided the lighter weight of the yarn would not lend itself to the first stitch pattern.  I found Cold Mountain in my favorites, and we agreed that would be a better stitch choice.  

The middle shawl is another Jamie (I think I've knit about five of these for other people!)  It's in WV's Royal Blend - half qiviut, half silk.  

The top one is of my own design.  It's all done and photographed, but I haven't written up the pattern yet.  I want to have it done soon, before the next season, but I cringe at the next few steps in the process - finding test knitters, deciding where and how to sell the pattern.  It's the part of art that I do not like.  I get why artists need agents.

I also knitted Traigh by Kate Davies.  I was the first to finish it (on Ravelry) but alas! I have not posted finished pictures of it.  It's waiting to be blocked!  Perhaps more on that later.

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Stephanie D said...

Just beautiful! Can't believe you knit in the summertime! lol