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Happy March! Spring, I welcome you.

  This lovely postcard is from my great-grandmother's correspondence.  Looking through vintage papers, I realize symbols were used for very different things than what we think these days.  This card is nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day, but I love the four-leaf clover.  In my childhood home, St. Patrick's Day meant wearing green so we didn't get pinched.  After I met my husband, whose mother is half Irish, it took on more significance.  Up until then, I had never had soda bread or corned beef.  My husband makes a great corned beef!   I have been enjoying these beautiful hyacinths - closed and then open.  I'm ready for the life that spring brings.  And they smell light and lovely. Starting in the garden, purple columbines, and tulips.  I planted the tulip (and other) bulbs last fall but can't remember what they're supposed to look like.  It will be a lovely surprise.  We're expecting a lot of snow later this week; I might see about covering these littl

knitting: projects that last - sweaters pt 1

I've learned over the years that not every project was worth my time and money.  Of course I want to knit all the things, but if I expect to use the knitted item over and over and hey, possibly be warm or fashionable, then I need priorities.  Instead of buying so much yarn, I'd rather buy better yarn. And while it would be terrific to knit every color, I'm really not going to wear every color.  So here is a piece that I've knitted and loved and loved!   (I believe in real community and try to buy yarn from my local yarn shop.  But if you can't, I'm linking to lovecrafts because they carry some of my patterns and I couldn't find Juniper Moon's website.)  COBBLESTONE TRENCHCOAT Designed by Veera Valimaki, found in November Knits book . Finished in fall, 2015 Originally, I knitted this sweater to showcase new yarn in the shop where I taught.  I altered several things, most specifically the pockets and the hood.  The hood was based on an idea I had, and un

2021 :: a year for books

Like most of you, I've had to assess my priorities, goals and beliefs, over the past couple of years.  Let's keep it simple: some old online haunts and habits are being replaced with new ones.  I have added a couple of hundred books to my "read someday" list over the past couple years, and I think this year is a good place to spend some extra reading time.   I received at least four books off my wish list for Christmas, and recently acquired another six or seven, second-hand.   2021 finishes include  Genealogical Proof Standard, Building a Solid Case (4th ed. rev.) , by Christine Rose     Super short, and the next step I felt I needed in my genealogy pursuits.  Essentially, it read like a text book on a topic I'm interested in.  There was good info, I need to put it into practice. Disruptive Witness , by Alan Noble      This book is about distraction of the current age, and sharing your beliefs in that climate; how important it is to actually be in church.  I kno

a month of Thankfulness

In a previous year, I posted our list of things on the Thanksgiving chain, and I enjoyed revisiting these as I typed them up.  So I decided to do it again.  Some items were written by guests and I don't know exactly what they mean, but they do, and God does.   spending time with Mom Shalom Hill the smell of dry leaves fresh ingredients my puppy rent free room Kanye West pasta :) soda roasted potatoes coffee dads who are fun mothers grandparents Rachel friends parents cold mornings leaves crisp apples coffee & toast cozy blankets mac & cheese big hair Blue Oyster Cult snow chili wood smoke colors CAnDY family fading light of day Clarence snuggly cats Dad love nose food Breanna family that believes in God laughter clear blue skies Indian summer God the A-Team hanging with Eli Qdoba my beautiful GF Zeph los cheese candles sunset falling leaves sunrise God's grace grandparents Jesus youth group candles puzzels leaves Zeph Lazz Nico fresh ingredients home cooked meals mac a

late January: making plans

  January is swimming along.  We went to the zoo a couple weeks ago, have been to walks in the park, to visit friends, and one day I convinced my middle kid to go pick up trash at the park with me.  And we put in a new kitchen faucet, which does not leak.  Currently, I have eight items captured and crossed off my annual photo list, which is better than usual for this time of year.  The weather has been mild, and the skies bright, and that always makes it easier for me to do photo-creating, whereas the cool and dark weather makes me want to sink into blankets and read or do knitting-creating.   I am working on sleeping better.  I am a night owl by nature, but it doesn't fit as well with the rest of my world to be up late.  Instead of sitting on the computer, watching or listening to something while I knit into the wee hours, I've been working on reading books, which I hear is better for sleep.  Not sure.  I am not so extremely tired, so I wake up more in the night, but it is

early January pictures

  How can we know what each day will bring until we greet it?