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books and knitting: Miragamo Bag

Hello September!  In anticipation of Ginnie's yarn-along , I included a picture of my most recent book.   Just finished reading:   Cassius Marcellus Clay: Firebrand of Freedom , by H. Edward Richardson In my family history research, I came across a 4th-great-uncle, Cassius Clay Easton, b. 1845.  This uncle could not be named after the famous boxer (b. 1942) and I was curious about the namesake who must have inspired at least two families to name their sons after him.  I dug around a bit and found this book.  Along with being a staunch abolitionist and member of President Lincoln's cabinet, Clay was infamous for some of his fights with a Bowie knife.   I enjoyed learning more about history and politics, but the author does address some of the more unsavory facets of Cassius Clay.  Written in the 1970s, the author had first-hand acquaintance of some of Clay's ancestors and includes some more personal perspectives.  Clay spent so much time helping to shape politics and governm


goldfinch harvesting sunflower seeds I have been attempting to understand the technical changes here, and have gone through just about every (Blogger) element I can figure out, and some that I can't.  Many of them are a little too clean and modern for me, too cold.  I probably read and adjusted even more than I needed to on this platform, and then didn't figure out some of the things I really wanted to.  What a nuisance!  Please bear with me as I try to get this space all together again. In the midst of the frustration of this project, on top of everything the world keeps churning up, I took some time to decide if I even want to blog anymore.  The answer is, yes, I do.  I like being here, I like looking back at projects I've accomplished, recipes I use often, etc.  I suppose this is why I can never talk myself into journaling on paper, because I sort of do it online.  If no one else ever reads these posts, I have it for posterity.  Yet, knowing that others can read it helps


I was going to show you some pictures of my lilacs, but Google doesn't want me to load them here?  Option B - share a link from Flickr.  Nope.  I guess it is time to find my own ... place to blog, instead of relying on Blogger.  I'm sad.  Like many things in life, it seems my options are down to two - tow the party line, or find my own way.   Edited to add:  Perhaps I'm not done, things have synced up. 

knitting : Reclamation Blanket

Reclaiming some remnants of my former life at a yarn shop. Reclaiming the original meaning of a rainbow - a divine Promise, not human pride. Reclaiming the joy I found once in knitting. When my local yarn shop closed, one of the things I inherited was a plethora of small-yardage color samples.  I didn't know what I would possibly do with them.  Fair isle came up several times; that would have been lovely but I didn't want the planning, especially when the yardage was inconsistent.  So I put it in a bag.  Skip to 2017, I was working on this Koigu Oriental Jacket (below) and the construction struck me as something that would work well with the bits of yarn. For this blanket, every square starts with a new color and when that runs out, I finish it with black.  For the black, I started with half a skein of Cascade Heritage Silk  in solid black.  I wish I had sought out more of it to do the whole blanket.  I found some black ish  sock yarns, which t

small answers

a walk around the block a prayer a real hug a Proverb a short nap a good stretch a glass of water a deep breath maybe a little chocolate

sewing : hand-mended flag

This gets tallied under things I am not expert at, but it hangs so much nicer now, and that is what's important.  Someone asked what stitch I'm using.  I don't know the name of it if there is a name; I'm just weaving over/under, trying to provide the fabric with a little more support so that it can last another generation or so.