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garden plans, spring 2022

(a little diary of gardening for myself, and maybe you!) Last year, we started seeds on March 18th.    This year, we started seeds on February 27th for two primary reasons.  First, I realized last year that some seed packets recommended 8 to 10 weeks (or even 12 to 24 weeks) and we were a little past that.  Secondly, we had a pretty mild late spring, and could easily have gotten a few more weeks of growing on the front end for tomatoes and things, if I started things inside sooner.  We are three weeks ahead of last year and I think it's going to work out pretty well.   Unfortunately, when I went to get all my old seeds and seed starting supplies, I discovered that every single packet had been nibbled on!  Most of the seeds were gone, those that were left were in jumble at the bottom of the box.  We suspect mice in the shed.  There were a couple of plastic baggies of seeds I had saved, and there were one or two packets with internal foil packets that had not been completely demolish

Happy New Year! 2022

Some of the things my people* were thankful for in November:   water caffeine birds of prey prayer the Bible grapes family snow on rooftops roast love Elon Musk art my Fender PJ pink & orange sunsets yarn piles of leaves going to the mountains hot cocoa friends key lime pie great friends my job family and friends football seared green beans books imaginary numbers sleep first cup of coffee clean sheets X-Files stew good vegetables 1 month of school left cold gray day people to talk to autumn sunlight on leaves humpty dumpty animal crossing Christmas lights plaid holy days Christmas *My people include several different dinner guests and friends who regularly hang out.  I take no responsibility for items on the list, but I was glad to see that 'friends' and 'family' regularly made it to the list.   We had a nice, long chain this year, and more cards than the last few years to hang upon it!  

holiday things

  Making time to make the things that say 'holiday' - pizzelles, homemade marshmallows, dried orange slices, gingerbread men, and enjoying time with all my guys.   Tonight, fifteen of us went caroling, which was a foreign concept to some in our group of carolers, and to all the houses we went caroling to, but it was so much fun.   I know my people think I'm old-fashioned but now and then I see they realize why people used to do these things, because real things are worth doing.  Saying 'Merry Christmas!' to friends who are recovering from surgery, or moved to assisted living, or are going through a difficult relationship spot, or financial hardship - so many challenges in life... it's so nice to celebrate the good moments together!   I hope you are having a season of wonder and peace, love and joy!  

knitting: projects that last - mittens and hats

There's only so much time for knitting and limited space for yarn stash.  Instead of buying so much yarn, I'd rather buy better yarn: yarn I love to work with and is long wearing.  Here are some pieces that I've knitted and loved and loved, even repaired to keep wearing!  In other words, pieces that were worth the time and money.   All the patterns in this post are my own.  I will chalk it up to the fact that I have knitted sooo many hats and mittens, that I have honed my patterns to what I really like!   Now With Thicker Frosting! mittens I have several pairs of mittens and fingerless gloves that I've knitted over the years, some I have designed, some experiments.  The ones I use every time I go out, though, are these.  I love this yarn, and I love that they are light.  Since they are stranded they are a bit warmer than just one layer would be.  Originally knit in 2013, I have worn a hole in the left thumb where I slide it down my camera strap, so I repaired them ea

celebrating the end of summer. er, mid fall.

(I started this post in September, but here at the end of October  mid-November, we still have summer plants alive in the garden - hollyhocks hanging on!)  That is to say, it was a beautiful albeit hot summer at our house, and I happily look back on all the blessings of the season.   Family and friends visited, we had some lovely peonies, roses and other flowers; we went rafting and fishing and drove to the Northern Woods; saw the World's Biggest Dilly Bar, hockey stick, a beautiful stave church, and a couple of homes that Grandpa lived in when he was a kid.  We had a windy, smoky picnic with old friends, and lots of laughs with great-aunts and uncles.  We visited The City, and farms, and cemeteries and so much more.   We're in a new season of life; nothing bad, just different, and a little busier.  A lot less knitting, but still knitting.  Morning by morning, new mercies I see.  

garden progress

  The garden is filling out!  Those hollyhocks, we didn't plant them but they're fascinating to watch.