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Signs of Spring

According to my calendar the First Day of Spring is a mere twenty four days off; that's only three and a half weeks. There are already signs that it is creeping in.  For example, in my mailbox:     And from the roof, a welcome sound, Northern Flickers drumming .  Since they do no damage but make this happy little sound, I don't mind.  They don't even drill in our trees but I think they do nest.  They're awfully hard to catch with the camera!  In the backyard yesterday, I plotted out in the snow where I'm going to put my garden this year, and it was approved by the big chief.  In fact, he said I should bring it out a bit, so I did.  Then, my neighbor stopped by today and said, "Wow, that's going to be nice and big!"  So now all I have left to do is decide what to plant, order some seeds, till the ground, put up a fence, mark out the beds, haul in some soil, start the seeds, water and nurture them, gradually harden them off, plant them outside, water


It's been a busy two weeks since I last posted.  To begin with, one of my boys had a homework assignment to make a box for Valentines.  Silly me, I got this great idea that we should make it extra special , Mod Podge it up.  And, we should all  make Valentines!  It took me so long to talk them into it that once I realized we didn't have time for all this, I had a very difficult time talking them out of it.  Then I volunteered at the school parties, after which everyone in the house had a four day weekend.  We enjoyed watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics.  It has been awhile since we have sat down and watched something this long in its entirety.  Although I kept hearing that the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony would be hard to top, I personally felt the people of Vancouver did an outstanding job.  I was surprised to discover that this blog I frequent is written from somewhere nearby, and I have enjoyed reading a little more personal perspective on The Games than

Photo Shoot

Don't you think depth-of-field is magical? Last winter, right after I learned how to knit, I didn't know what I didn't know.  I made my sister a hat, and it was too small.  Then I made her another hat, and it was just right.  Then I made myself a hat which I wore and wore and wore.  And still wear, although I can never get a great picture of it.  It didn't occur to me to write up a pattern right away, but luckily I took notes.     This winter, my sister told me that she'd lost the hat-that-was-just-right, and asked if I'd make her another hat.  Would I!  I made her a hat in exchange for her modeling time.  Sometimes I'm so cold I wonder if I'll ever be warm again, but then I just put on my hat and I'm warm.  Or at least, my ears are warm!  So my new hat pattern is called Glacier. Here are a few pictures of my sister in her hat from the photo shoot I mentioned earlier.    Pattern:  Glacier ( rav link ) Yarn:  Manos de Uruguay Wools Clasica in Powder

Storms Moving In

I had a photo shoot today and just shot this mountain on a whim, but I kinda like how it turned out.