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sewing : hand-mended flag

This gets tallied under things I am not expert at, but it hangs so much nicer now, and that is what's important.  Someone asked what stitch I'm using.  I don't know the name of it if there is a name; I'm just weaving over/under, trying to provide the fabric with a little more support so that it can last another generation or so.  

what happened in the knitting community

I was looking for a photo of an old knitting project, in my files, and sorting through the pictures, I was over-washed by a flood of memories.  Woven into all of those sweaters, hats and mittens are the memories of what was happening at the time: why and where I bought the yarn, who I was with, if I was in a class or teaching a friend, things happening in my personal life that made me laugh or cry through the stitching.  I miss the knitting world that  was  in 2008 - 2018.   When I came into knitting, I was a mother of three little ones, and needed a place where I was something other than a jungle gym or food service.  I took a knitting class, made friends, found I was great at knitting, and teaching, improved my photography a lot!  I needed that place.    In the last few years, my local yarn shop closed down, which caused my knitting group to splinter a bit; several of my knitting friends either stopped knitting or moved away. Just as I stepped down from my position at a bouti

good things in spring

I'm feeling like I should contribute the sort of beautiful, interesting, positive, crafty things that I'm craving right now.  There was a time that I found regular craft-soul sustenance from the internet, lots of beautiful crafting blogs of gardening, quilting, fiber, and all manner of positivity.  Today, I have to hunt, and I do.  I still have a few blogs I'm hanging on to!  For now, my current projects are about finishing and growing.   I'm on the last row of my Reclamation Blanket, and considering writing a post about this project.  Are you interested?   Mending a vintage flag has taken me longer than I anticipated but I'm about two-thirds done with the big gash that was here when I bought it.  I started working on this last year, didn't get far, and hung it back up.  I didn't feel like I did a good job, but the mending I did manage looked better hanging up than I first gave myself credit for, (you can see it to the right of the tear) so