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Sugar Snap Peas

From a seed packet to our table.

Grand Day Out - Part II off to Golden we went. While I was busy buying some Sandy Gervais Crazy Eights fabric, the boys went next door to the Windy Saddle and ordered two pieces of Blueberry French Toast Bread, with powdered sugar and syrup. Here's the bottom half of one piece: We also passed a Mountain Fest on our way into town, but by the time we got back to seeing what it was all about, they were folding up tents. We walked back to our car through the park where everyone stopped to climb the dragon. About then, it started to rain again, so we really did head home! And about the time I was getting ready to check out at the quilt store, I realized that I had been wearing my shirt backward. All day.

Happy Father's Day

To my own wonderful dad, and the rest of you.

Grand Day Out - Part I

First, we stopped at Metro State College of Denver, because I had to meet with someone real quick. This was really the "purpose" of the trip, but I know how BFJ likes the city, so I coaxed all my fellas along for the ride. While we waited for the meet-up guy to find us, we enjoyed the architectural details of the campus. Next, we drove into LoDo for some lunch at Illegal Pete's . We parked a few blocks away, and on the way to our destination, I spotted many quilt designs such as this grating around the trees: After lunch, we walked a little farther down to the Tattered Cover bookstore, which at one point was "the biggest bookstore west of the Mississippi." I don't know that this is the case anymore, and we were sad to note that the top floor is no longer open. What's so great about this store? It's not the prices; it's the creaky floors and the ripply-glass windows, the wonderful little chairs in Children's Books and everywhere else th

Little Mittens

Okay, Audrey and others said it's not too early! Here's the first-of-the-year Christmas project I've gotten done that I can show you! I've been invited to two different ornament exchanges the last two years, and I have been on the look-out for something cute to make. Now that I am knitting, I spotted these and thought they'd be perfect. Last year, I was working like mad to finish my exchange contributions at the last minute. This year, I am trying to spread out my Christmas crafting through the whole year, so that December is actually enjoyable. I made these little mittens from what was left from my socks. I also have some green and other various bits, so hope to have a nice little pile for ornaments before December. I've been knitting by the pool this last week, where everyone has lessons, and I have made two new knitting friends! Funny to be making Christmas presents poolside. Here's Speed, swimming under water.

Mmmmmmm. Summer Means...

I love the smell of fresh lemons, and thanks to my mom, I know how to make the world's best lemonade!

Library Bag

Our library has gone green and is no longer providing plastic bags for the convenience of book-checkers. I have been meaning to make some cloth bags for various things anyway, so I've finally gotten around to it! It took me a few months to commit to a color scheme, and a few days to make it, but I finally have a bag for myself. Of course, now I see things I wish I'd done differently, so I think I'll make myself another or two. I think the boys all need Library Bags, also. I started with ideas from the fabric basket at Pink Penguin ; the two outside fabrics are Recipe for Friendship by Mary Englebreit, and the green polka dot is also ME, from the Friends and Flowers line. And the button was Marie's . Now I can take my project to the pool in style!


Today, we discovered the first rose of the season! It's off my Folksinger rosebush. This rose is between the peony and the allium , and with the lavender growing there, it is a nice little spot in the yard with soft color and fragrances. I think next year I'll add more alliums, more peonies, more lavender. The pea pods are growing! We counted nine. Here are my helpers, pointing one out for you: I still like the blossoms. I was planning to grow just about everything from seed this year, but I never got around to starting them. Although, I did get around to buying the seeds so hopefully they'll still be viable next year. I ended up buying fewer plants than I would have had if I'd started my own seeds, but it's been a busy spring, and I'm sure they will do. In the past two weeks, we've planted three butternut squash, two cucumbers, two more peppers (we already have two,) moved some borage, a couple more tomatoes, and another lavender. Oh, we also planted

Flag Day!

Hopefully you knew it was Flag Day, already! We put our flag out this morning, as did several of our neighbors. Oh look! For the first time in three years, my peony is blooming!

Marly's Peonies

It Was Bound to Happen

"Uncle Mike" came to visit at my parents' house over Christmas, and being the over six foot person that he is, took the opportunity to change some light bulbs around. Us kids were hanging out in the Blue Room when he did it, and it was not malicious; just where he thought the lights should be. However, it took my parents several days to realize what was going on with the lights in there. Ever since, they've been trying to stick us with the Tiny Bulb. Now I know why my parents stopped by to visit For No Reason on Tuesday.


I frequently hear this at the beginning of dinner: "He'nley Foddar, I hope the food is good." Hmmm. In other news, our peas are starting to bloom ...and thanks to my mother-in-law, who has a rhubarb plant and calls me to remind me when it's ready to eat, we had Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp for dessert tonight. The Bruise had two helpings and then ate the ice cream as an afterthought. step one Someone asked me how my Christmas projects are coming along. I finished one last week, and I am so excited that it turned out well. I had to start over twice, and it was something I really wanted to make, but after the second failure, I was beginning to think it was not to be. However, the third time was a charm, and I am glad I took the extra time to get it done. I'm sorry to tease you like this, but as it is a gift, and therefore a secret, I can't show you until December 26th!


I took some more pictures this week for Bijou Basin Ranch . Some of the pictures on their website were taken by me. If you want to see them, go to the fiber & yarn page, and click on "more info" for the various yarns. (And might I say, this yarn is wonderful to knit with!) In my communications this week with the owner, he mentioned they have some new calves, and asked whether I would like to come down and take pictures of them. I asked BFJ if he'd be willing to take me on a drive this morning. Of course he was, he loves me so, so we packed up the kids and away we went. There were a few small scuffles in the car, but otherwise it was a nice trip. We didn't realize that southeast Colorado was so hilly, and we had a nice view of Pike's Peak on the way down. The highlight for me was getting to pet Rufus, born earlier this spring (notice his "horn bumps"). He was so soft! The boys all enjoyed hiking around, finding petrified wood and looking

Allium Globemaster

It has been so entertaining to me, watching this plant evolve. Pictures span from early March to today. I bought it as a companion to the rose in the background, which has been fairly chewed up the last few years. It seems like it's working, so far the rose bush looks pretty good. I really like this plant for itself, though. I was considering cutting it to take inside, but the bees also seem to be enjoying it so I guess at least for this year, I'll leave it be. How I wish I had a whole bunch, but as I recall, this one bulb was $10!