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June Photo Scavenger Hunt

something with your town's name on it (chalk drawing at the Chalk Art Festival) wheel trim architectural detail cheese night tree branches cutlery a farm animal view outside my door Items I neglected to shoot were 'an elephant', 'a childhood memory', and 'something that starts with z...'.  I had something in mind for all of these, just didn't get it done.  Yet. Blogger told me a couple of days ago that I had exceeded my upload quota, so I have put off updating my blog.  In order to prove to BFJ that there's a problem, I did this whole post - without any problem.  Of course. 


I saw a quote yesterday on someone's blog to the affect of 'children spell love t-i-m-e,' so when I saw that mine were getting antsy today, I found some things in the closet that had belonged to dear Marie , or g.g., as they called her. (Great-grandma.)  Because I know, summer can seem boring while you're in it, and so fleeting later.  I taught them Chinese Checkers; I hate to tell you that I won but no one would listen to my strategy recommendations!  Then they taught me Pirate Code.  And then two looked through all the wonderful marbles while two of us had a nap. 

Meeting the Baby

I had the opportunity to drive down to Oklahoma and meet my new niece!  My dad and I drove down to my sister's, my mom was already there.  We spent the night, and then the three of us left Wednesday to drive home.  It was a very short trip and I wish I could have had plenty of time to do a couple different photo shoots, but I had three little boys waiting for me back home.  I was very happy to have this little window of time to meet my niece while she's still brand new.  Considering I was there less than 24 hours, I did get to hold her a lot, and I got some great pictures, like this one of her holding my mom's finger.   I knitted a fun little photo prop thing that I had seen in some cute pictures, but unfortunately that project did not result in good pictures.  I think that there was a lot of variables that I just did not have time to fix.  My dad and I had a lot of fun on the trip south, looking for items on the Photo Scavenger Hunt list .  I got out at a res

Sweet Land of Liberty

Happy July 4th!

One of my favorite holidays; my favorite flag.  Sorry it's backward, I was standing on the wrong side.