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yarn along a la Small Things

I've long admired the photography and sentiments on the blog, Small Things .  I never catch the ' yarn along ' - until today.  I think it's Wednesdays!  For a long day at the airport, I picked this book up again and read more than half; now I'm bound to finish.  It is Under One Roof:  Lessons I Learned...  by Barry Martin .  As I'm reading, I picture Albert Brooks as Barry.  I like to picture the characters I'm reading about; often they don't resemble the author's description (I later realize).  If I can't imagine how they look, I sometimes get stuck as my mind continues to sift through memories of people I've seen, trying to find them.   I'm knitting a commissioned poncho from Windy Valley (what else) suri alpaca, in red.  It's my third red shawl this year, and none for me!  I'm modifying Cold Mountain , using only Chart A for this project.  After the first repeat, I had it memorized, so it has been singing along