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Sweet Autumn

my Sweet Autumn clematis Well, I didn't finish all I set out to do this summer, but I did accomplish some things that I've been meaning to do for a long time and just hadn't plucked up the courage to attempt before.  For instance, finally taking a family trip , and reupholstering a chair!  I had a really hard time committing to fabric, finding something that would match what I've got and what I'm  hoping to do in my living room.  I have a few more things I would like to do before fall really sets in; we'll see! Here's a before shot, poor old girl:  

flooding in Colorado

A few friends have written to ask if we are okay, in regards to the flooding in Colorado.  At the moment, everyone I know and love is fine and safe.  We are expecting more rain today, though!  Lots of games and outdoor activities have been cancelled, and there are road closures.  Some of our teachers could not get to school yesterday.   I tried to upload some pictures to Flickr but apparently Flickr's having some issues.  I'll just upload a couple to here.  This is our nearby creek.  Nearby as in we can walk to it, but it's still a few blocks away.  In the first one, the creek is usually the part of the water that is beyond the big tree on the right.   Here's a bridge the boys like to ride their bikes across! But like I said, we're all safe!!

Funeral Pictures?

I always take my camera to funerals.  When they see me with my camera, I think it seems disrespectful or morbid to some people; but a few days later I get a phone call or card from someone who really appreciated the pictures and would like copies.  They weren't able to make it and are happy to see the goodbyes of a dear friend.  Or they were there, and are glad I captured these moments.   My grandmother had a big family, and funerals were often the last time she'd seen everyone together, and she always came back with a stack of pictures; I grew up thinking that cameras and funerals were as natural together as a camera at any other event.  (As part of my dad's service to our country, he served a few summer tours at Arlington Cemetery, officiating at memorial services for men and women who've served our country.  Someone videotaped one of his services for the family and gave him a copy.  Talk about moving!  Read about the Arlington Ladies ; just thinking about this

It's Patriot Day

It's pouring rain here so we didn't put our flag out, but there's a flag in my heart.