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thinking about knitting

I've been looking through some of my old knitting pictures, posts, magazines.  Directly and indirectly, many things have changed in my home and heart over the past few years that have affected my knitting.  It's that time of year that I used to love so much - back to school for my kids, and back to teaching knitting for me!  Most of that is gone, and I'm thinking about how I can connect with the spirit of that but in new ways.  I'm looking to knit a sweater in/by September, and time to meet up with stitching friends.  Perhaps a sweater for a son or two.     Yesterday, I cast on for a Kildalton sweater by Kate Davies, the restyled version .  I wanted to keep it simple and not overthink it, but I'm already splitting it in pieces and thinking maybe I'd rather have a pullover.  Easy changes, but then that will affect the collar.  I'm starting with the back, though, so I can think about it awhile longer.   In 2020, I knitted slippers for my family.   I see I ne