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late January: making plans

  January is swimming along.  We went to the zoo a couple weeks ago, have been to walks in the park, to visit friends, and one day I convinced my middle kid to go pick up trash at the park with me.  And we put in a new kitchen faucet, which does not leak.  Currently, I have eight items captured and crossed off my annual photo list, which is better than usual for this time of year.  The weather has been mild, and the skies bright, and that always makes it easier for me to do photo-creating, whereas the cool and dark weather makes me want to sink into blankets and read or do knitting-creating.   I am working on sleeping better.  I am a night owl by nature, but it doesn't fit as well with the rest of my world to be up late.  Instead of sitting on the computer, watching or listening to something while I knit into the wee hours, I've been working on reading books, which I hear is better for sleep.  Not sure.  I am not so extremely tired, so I wake up more in the night, but it is

early January pictures

  How can we know what each day will bring until we greet it?