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Happy New Year! 2022

Some of the things my people* were thankful for in November:   water caffeine birds of prey prayer the Bible grapes family snow on rooftops roast love Elon Musk art my Fender PJ pink & orange sunsets yarn piles of leaves going to the mountains hot cocoa friends key lime pie great friends my job family and friends football seared green beans books imaginary numbers sleep first cup of coffee clean sheets X-Files stew good vegetables 1 month of school left cold gray day people to talk to autumn sunlight on leaves humpty dumpty animal crossing Christmas lights plaid holy days Christmas *My people include several different dinner guests and friends who regularly hang out.  I take no responsibility for items on the list, but I was glad to see that 'friends' and 'family' regularly made it to the list.   We had a nice, long chain this year, and more cards than the last few years to hang upon it!