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garden 2021

  Just gettin' started with some tomato and other seedlings. 

Happy March! Spring, I welcome you.

  This lovely postcard is from my great-grandmother's correspondence.  Looking through vintage papers, I realize symbols were used for very different things than what we think these days.  This card is nothing to do with St. Patrick's Day, but I love the four-leaf clover.  In my childhood home, St. Patrick's Day meant wearing green so we didn't get pinched.  After I met my husband, whose mother is half Irish, it took on more significance.  Up until then, I had never had soda bread or corned beef.  My husband makes a great corned beef!   I have been enjoying these beautiful hyacinths - closed and then open.  I'm ready for the life that spring brings.  And they smell light and lovely. Starting in the garden, purple columbines, and tulips.  I planted the tulip (and other) bulbs last fall but can't remember what they're supposed to look like.  It will be a lovely surprise.  We're expecting a lot of snow later this week; I might see about covering these littl