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some autumn knits

I have spent all morning on my blog - changing colors, updating tags, deleting a few posts that no longer make sense.  I went through my Inspirations links to make sure they are still active; many bloggers I used to follow are gone; many more no longer have this feature, but I always like a good recommendation.  I hope you'll find something new to check out!   ------------------------------------------------------------------ For remaining knitting friends, a long-overdue update on my Autumn 2019 knitting follows. In August, most knitting hours were spent on a lovely blue-green sweater for a client.  She sent pictures and links for several cardigans; I liked this one for the cables.  However, none of the yarn options would be the right gauge; a dk weight yarn was the closest, so I ended up re-gauging the whole pattern for this piece.  I charted each piece (back, fronts, sleeves) on Xcel - back to basics for me.  I don't have all the details of this sweate