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If I post everyday about things I'm thankful for, I know that will be far from original.  But I just might do it, if only to remind myself! Today, I'm thankful for light, in all its forms.


I've got a new pattern out!  The Gingerbread Men Mittens pattern is available for purchase on my Ravelry pattern page here !! A couple of years ago, I made some Fair Isle mitts for my sister-in-law and just fell in love with this technique!  There are so many beautiful patterns in the world for this project.  However, what I really wanted was a pair of mittens with gingerbread men.  Alas!  There was no such pattern.  So I wrote my own, bought some yarn, and got started on knitting them.  As it tends to do, life got busy and I set this project aside.   Fast forward a year, and I began to work with Dianne at Windy Valley yarns, going to all the Stitches conventions.  One of my tasks as part of Dianne's team was to sit at the "yarn tasting" table and knit with all the yummy yarns, and encourage other people to try them.  As I was knitting with her merino yarn, I realized it would be a perfect match for this pattern that I had sitting at home.  I left one of t

Red. Knitting.

What's not to love?