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2018 garden diary

We built some new garden beds this year, and they turned out great.  Unfortunately, the soil in them still needs some fine-tuning.  It seems that the things started from seed did better than the plants we bought from nurseries, although the tomato we bought did fruit much earlier.   a pointy little before-and-after filling in with growth:  The basic Genovese basil was very nice, as always.  The fancy varieties did not have much (leaf) yield, and were essentially ornamental.  I'm not sure the bees or other pollinators even visited them. new beds spring vs. late summer: The sunflowers seem to be a messy problem, including attracting the squirrels, but I can't bring myself to banish them all when I know how much the bees and birds enjoy them.   I had a computer episode early this month, and lost all my "apps," including the MS photo gallery I have been using for years.  Apparently it was no longer supported after January of 2017, and now I can