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yarn-along with Ginnie, July 2019

I usually miss it, but not this time!  Ginnie Sheller's yarn-along is one of the ways I've discovered new knitting blogs to read in recent years. The two books I'm primarily reading these days are: ~  The Ministry of Ordinary Places , by Shannan Martin - which is lovely prose about hard things like connecting to people where they are, ministering to people in the everyday.  I am enjoying the read, and it's hitting me where I'm at this year.  (It's no longer on pre-order, my sister got it for me in December.)  ~ The River , by Peter Heller.  I have been enjoying Anne Bogel's podcast, What Should I Read Next?   When I heard her describing this book, I thought it sounded like the perfect summer read for my husband.  He enjoyed it a lot, and I had also thought of reading it, so when he was done he handed it off to me.  The "voice" took me a few pages to get into, but now I'm really enjoying it. As for the knitting, I'm callin

June irises

A year or two ago, I joined a local photography group.  I was really hoping to make friends, and have a group to learn with, as I've had with my knitting group.  Photography is not quite the social setting, though.  What I have gotten out of it is a never-ending list of local places for photo-ops!   Recently, one of the members shared a local iris farm, and several members spent a morning taking pictures there.  Unfortunately, the excessive rain we've had this spring meant that the irises were not in full bloom as expected, but it was still an interesting find.  The owners live on sight and also have a beautiful little spot of "red" poppies.  Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day...   Maybe you can spot one of the challenges of this type of group?   And lastly, a shot from their vehicle graveyard, in case flowers aren't your thing: It's always nice to find new places in one's neck of the woods.  What ab