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goldfinch harvesting sunflower seeds I have been attempting to understand the technical changes here, and have gone through just about every (Blogger) element I can figure out, and some that I can't.  Many of them are a little too clean and modern for me, too cold.  I probably read and adjusted even more than I needed to on this platform, and then didn't figure out some of the things I really wanted to.  What a nuisance!  Please bear with me as I try to get this space all together again. In the midst of the frustration of this project, on top of everything the world keeps churning up, I took some time to decide if I even want to blog anymore.  The answer is, yes, I do.  I like being here, I like looking back at projects I've accomplished, recipes I use often, etc.  I suppose this is why I can never talk myself into journaling on paper, because I sort of do it online.  If no one else ever reads these posts, I have it for posterity.  Yet, knowing that others can read it helps