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Family Pictures

It's family picture time!  How do I know this?  Because I've been taking family pictures like crazy!  I'm hoping to squeeze in some of my own soon.  I love family pictures, no matter what people look like, no matter if the kids are all looking or smiling at the same time.  It's  this moment, and every moment is perfect in its own way.  Know what I mean? 

Photo Scavenger Hunt: October

graffitti black cat She'll sit all evening next to BFJ but try to catch her outside with good lighting and she runs around the yard.  Finally I caught her between a screen and a dirty window!  I like it, though. heritage Hand written notes in the end pages of my grandfather's Bible.  It is currently being rebound for my uncle by Denver Bookbinding, and they are keeping all the end pages.  candlelit In a candleholder my dad made. crunchy leaves fog/mist Since I don't live near much water that would lead to fog or mist, I had to settle for foggy car windows.  golden pumpkin The white, the gold colored ones, and the little oranges in the foreground are all from our garden! something eerie or creepy I ran into Frank the Rabbit (from Donnie Darko ; I still don't understand that movie) at the end of a haunted house for kids.  None of the creatures jumped out, which I guess was the kid part.  Personally, I found the silent watching more un

Oh Here's My Blog!

Was I gone awhile?  A few of you wrote to ask if I was alright, thank you!  You may have thought I lost my way.  I guess I did.  I was stressed / depressed through most of October and I was too busy, but now I'm not.  So there you go.  So I'm back!  Two good things have happened to me recently.  One is that I have done some reevaluating of my life, and have trimmed back a few things that...  just aren't as important as the time they were taking.  I'm increasing my margins, as my dad would say.  The second thing is that my parents came for a visit, which is funny because they don't live that far away, but they came for a couple of days.  (We wanted them to.)  They were willing to do whatever I wanted so that included helping me get my car to the mechanic, some decorative woodwork that needed touching up, making Christmas neckties for the guys, making cookies, reading with the boys, and so on.  Sometimes you just need your parents around!!  I have taken a renewed int