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snowy day (a garden update of sorts) and a finished sweater

What a title, right?  Well, that's the way it is in Colorado.  We've had 70 degree days in the past two weeks, and then later (that afternoon) a blizzard comes through.  Makes it hard to work in the yard!  I know, though, that little bits of yard and garden work now will be well worth it - anything planted now, like grass seed and snap peas, will come up lush when the sun finally takes over for good.  It's a great chance to get a jump on the weeds, too, before the summer sun beats down.   one of those March blizzards Early this week, I spent a couple of hours cleaning up a couple of small beds and cutting back my sage , ornamental grass, and bee balm.  Wow, I guess I skipped a lot of gardening last year; my sage was a shambles.  Looking through the photos tagged "garden" makes me realize that my shed and garden fence both need some love.  April and May are the months to do that, while I'm itching to plant, but can't quite yet.  I'll let you

photography :: spiderweb

Don't you love a good dew-covered spiderweb?

butterfly photography

Early morning; still learning. 

on pictures :: take them, label them, use them

  Awe; and very pleased that we had agreed to go on this trip to see a hole in the ground in the desert.   A year or so ago, I was taking pictures at my nephew's birthday party and another mom said to my sister-in-law, "How nice that you have your own photographer!"  To which she replied, "Yes, but we don't see many of the pictures."  A few weeks after that, I was at another party and noticed a little stack of photo books.  Of course I looked through them.  (I always look through other people's photo albums if they're out.)  One thing I really liked about these books was that there were several pictures of the whole family.  A few thoughts came out of these experiences.    Happy birthday, this one; and the blizzard on the way home! First, I recall a scrapbook saleslady saying that (photo) books are a technology that will never be obsolete and doesn't require any equipment.  So true; raise your hand if you have family pic