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The Tree is Up!

I'm planning to repaint the walls, soon.  I love the green, but it's just so green .  It doesn't go with everything .  Opinions? 

A is for Advent

Advent:  a time of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of the birth of Jesus at Christmas . Every Christmas growing up, we had an advent wreath.  I don't know what we started out with, but I remember one year my mom made one out of clay or dough and baked it, and we had that one for several years.  My parents may still have it!   It dawned on me a couple of years ago that Advent is something my children know nothing about and I asked my dad to make an advent wreath for me out of wood.  Last year he made it but I didn't manage to fit it in to all that was already going on.  A few weeks ago, I was cleaning up my laundry / craft room and came across it.  So often, I find something I meant to do for a holiday a month or two after the holiday has passed; I was glad I found this in plenty of time .   I bought candles for it but did not know what scriptures are read or what they are supposed to signify.  I asked my dad if he had a group of readings, and

November Trees

And here's a picture of beetle kill - the brown pines.

Water on Leaf

It's wet, it's dry; it snows, it blows, it's warm again.  I took this picture earlier this week and didn't download it right away.  Now that I have, I wish I'd taken the time to really get down close and take a few more, but I do like this picture:  I have gotten a few things really cleaned up but you know, other stuff piles up so it seems like I haven't accomplished a lot.  I am hoping to paint.  Did I already say that recently?  I took some 'before' pictures in the hopes that I'll have 'after' pictures soon!! 

Too Many Things

I write posts in my head all the time but sometimes they don't get finished.  Sometimes, there are just too many things I want to post about.  Sometimes, I don't have any pictures!  Last week, we tried a new recipe: corn chowder.  I am sure corn chowder is familiar to many of you, but to me it was new.  I love it!  In fact, all three boys cleaned their bowls.  We tried Tyler Florence's recipe , it was delicious.  I have a picture but it just doesn't do justice to the dish.  I don't believe the words 'corn chowder' are all that enticing but maybe I'll get better pictures next time I make it.  I will tell you, we used fresh thyme and parsley from our garden.  This is the first year I've grown parsley.  I didn't know it was going to stick around after the first frost, but I'm glad it has.  I've been knitting lots.  I am working on a sample piece and at least three Christmas presents.  I've been playing, and experimenting, with my camer

Costumes: Finally!

Greetings, noble readers.  Your faithful observer spotted this swell and his ladykin, The Honorable Cornelius Trigg and unconventional wife, Duchess Iphegenia Trigg, victorian world travellers, out and about on All Hallows Eve.  The pair were accompanying a trio of small hoodlums brandishing outlandish irons in pursuit of small candied treats, and nary a passerby escaped them.  It may be said that the Hon. Trigg is heard late nights hurling wrenches and insults at a contraption invented for "traveling time" but it's nothing to the scandal of a lady with ink on her fingers, striding around in breeches! Okay, you might want a little more clarification.  We were steamers!   When I saw How to Train Your Dragon last spring, I was mesmerized by Astrid's terribly knit sweater, and knew I could make one for Halloween.  Over the summer, however, as we've enjoyed looking at steampunk gadgets online, my mind detoured and I thought it would be fun to make a steampunk hat.