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Too Busy!

  I have been tooooo busy lately.  It's not an excuse, it's an acknowledgment.  I  have been meaning to post about my trip to Atlanta (a month ago), and been meaning to post in response to a blog award from my friend Terrie (also a month ago) and lots more!  In the past month, I've been knitting like crazy, very sick twice, taken out a huge tree in the backyard (well, not personally), done some work in the garden, lots of stuff going on at school...  You get the idea.  Yesterday, I noticed that my peonies were starting to bloom so I cut one to bring into the house.  This morning, I discovered that it had opened up even more as it greeted me with fragrance and beauty.  Mmmm.  Love peonies.  Love.  I am also experimenting with homemade vanilla.  More about that... soon?