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lying low

If my blog comments are an indication, I'm not the only one who finds it is very difficult to "lie low" these days.  If we don't quickly reply to emails, texts, and have a passing understanding of the latest news, trends, scandals, etc., people get concerned.   It's as if there is a vacuum that holds us all against the lighted screens.   Much to their dismay, people with my cell phone number can confirm that I often leave it at home!    Between editing pictures, writing patterns, and searching for genealogy clues, sitting at the computer is more challenging..  However, once I can pull myself far enough away from screens to focus on real things, priorities realign in a way that allows tight muscles to relax.  There's nothing revolutionary, but here's what works for me.   -I turn off the sound on my cell phone , and leave it on a short wall where it can be plugged in to charge.  When it is silent, I can sometimes hear it buzz, but it isn'

on into February

I've been trying to "lie low" for the month of January, and establish some foundational habits.  I'm still working on it.  And I'm still knitting.