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Catching Up

This is the Virginia Creeper that grows "in" the corner of my yard.  From whence it came, I really do not know.  The neighbor who shares the fence at the back of our yard, when I told her how beautiful I think it is in the fall, suggested I train it along the fence we share.  So I did.  And then, once it was going along nicely and about to turn red, the fellow who does her yardwork whacked it right off.  I'm talking four or five feet of growth.  Oooh that burns me up.  We were going to have our annual fall family photos in front of it!  I don't know if this was an intentional assault or not, but alas! no beautiful, red-leafed background for photos this year.  So...  What else has been going on around here?  We are quickly approaching my sister's wedding date, and have lots of little buzzings surrounding that.  Zoom told me this morning he does not want to be the "ring boy."  Then this evening, I told him that he did not have to be in the weddin

Pumpkin-colored Roses

We're halfway through September already!  I hope your last week of Summer is lovely.

Pop the Top on THAT!

Today, we had a family bridal shower for my sister which I helped plan and my mother-in-law graciously agreed to host in her home. It was to be a garden shower, but Autumn arrived today, complete with a cool drizzle so instead, we had the shower inside. It’s hard to say what the best thing about the shower was. We had lots of great brunch fare including muffins, breads, homemade cinnamon rolls, breakfast casseroles, fruit, chocolate covered strawberries, and cake pops. I enjoyed seeing lots of people I love but haven’t seen lately. There was a LOT of laughing, which was just what I had hoped for. We played a game where we had teams of four or five ladies and the team worked together to come up with as many movies as they could that included weddings, proposals, or wedding preparations. (I love the scene in Sleepless in Seattle where Meg Ryan’s and Bill Pullman’s characters are registering for china.) I didn’t realize this was going to be such a competitive group; ladies can surpris


So many  people have worked to make this country great.  Let's do our part, and let's remember to enjoy it. 

Autumn Rings

It just so happened that I ordered Baby Boo pumpkin seeds back in January.  When I did a little photo shoot today to see if I could finally get a good shot of my sister's and her fiance's rings, I spied this little fellow out of the corner of my eye.  I knew it would be perfect.  After all, she's getting married in October!  

Labor Week

Finally, we have some red tomatoes!  There's nothing like home grown.  This week, I am determined to get some things done.  BFJ took the week off; yesterday I cleaned the car out (I'm $.37 richer, now) and he straightened up the garage.  We have several things we could be doing today but I'm having a hard time getting started.  I had in mind that I would make a ship, but I can't find exactly what I'm looking for in the garage.  I guess I should have cleaned it myself!  

Full Moon

We were at my parents' over the weekend and I was alerted by several people in the house that I should go out and get some shots of the full moon.  So I did!  

Happy September!

PS How happy are we to have Giambi ?