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High Park Fire

   If you've been following the High Park Fire in Colorado, here are pictures my dad took.  This first is a view of their house from the fire line.  I know it's small, these are my dad's pics.  If you click through to Flickr, you can see my tags. The second, below, is the view from their front porch.  For some of my old pictures of their house / property click here .

Today, I went for a long ride with Bill.


Happy Father's Day

  It's a very warm day in Colorado.  We have a wildfire in northern Colorado where my parents live, they've been evacuated!  But so far, no fire near their house.  I hope you are all enjoying this day.  I'm looking forward to a little evening knitting, the last three rows on a beautiful shawl! 

Long Overdue

Many things are long overdue around here.  As my mother says, "Karen was born late, Danny was born early, Christy was born right on time, and they've been that way ever since."  I really do make an effort (some times more than others) to be timely but I've come to realize I'm an optimist.  I assume everything will run smoothly, there will be no traffic jams, and I will be well prepared at exactly the moment I should be leaving to go to the next Thing.  Of course, this does not happen, but in my mind I know it will the next time.  Here are a couple of things I've been meaning to post in regards to my blog friends.   First of all, last December, I won a book from Miss Jean , and I never properly thanked her.  It is A Touch of Rosie Quilts , and while I haven't quilted yet this year, that is on my list of things to get back to!  It is a beautiful book, and very inspiring.  Thanks, Jean!  Jean also recently moved to Colorado; I hope you are settling in

Hello June

This school year just zipped by.  Really, I can't believe how fast it's gone.  I suppose that means I really have been too busy.  We're three or so days into summer break and I'm happy to say we've already done some out-of-the-ordinary things.  On Sunday, we went downtown to the People's Fair and also to the Chalk Arts Festival.  I love being downtown with BFJ, it's where we met and spent many fun lunch hours in our youth, exploring the city.  I also love taking the boys to see new things, including people.  We took a break in the shade next to a girl with beautiful blue hair.  I should have taken a picture.  Instead, here are a few pictures of the chalk work. I overheard one of the artists say that they had 2/3 of their picture done on Saturday, and 2/3 was washed away by the rain that night, so everyone had to start over on Sunday.  I didn't take as many pictures as I did last year, but you can check out my whole set on Flickr .  Satur