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A Trip to Grandma's

We took a quick trip to BFJ's parents' house yesterday, and I thought you might enjoy some pictures from the day. The peach tree is in bloom. I'm crossing my fingers for no late frost so we can have more Peach Preserves! My mother-in-law, feeding "the girls," her chickens. Dewey spring blossoms: Along with quiche, we had strawberries and cream for brunch. One of the boys had three helpings! Of course, it is extra delicious when you know right where the eggs came from! One of my mother-in-law's recent purchases: Finally, when we returned home, I found that my own Marsh Marigold had first bloom ever. (I planted it last year.) Happy Spring!


  I love clotheslines.  My earliest memory of a clothesline was at my great-grandmother's house in Nebraska, with clematis climbing up one post.  I went back as an adult to see this house and it looked just like I remembered.  

2011 Knitting Round-Up: Part 2

Happy St. Patrick's Day!   Someone told me they were waiting to see the next installment of last year's knitting projects.  Let's see if I can get all my 2011 projects on here before the end of March.  Wouldn't that be nice! MAY Radian Yoke Sweater Pattern: Radian Yoke by Wendy Bernard  Yarn:  Shibui Sock yarn in Chinese Red Made for: me! I knit myself the Radian Yoke pullover / tee.  Lace is not always my friend and I kept losing track of stitches, so I ended up ripping and redoing the yoke - probably more than once.  Once I finally decided I could live with it, the rest went quickly.  I like the vents on the sides of the bottom and added them to the sleeves, which I modified.  I haven't worn this much; there are still ends to weave in because I'm not sure I'm not going to frog it, but the pattern was well written and it was fun to knit. Pinkerton Shawl    Pattern:  Pinkerton Shawl Yarn:  Lorna's Laces yarn in Shepherd Mult