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when knitters are in the forest

We made our annual visit to the National Forest to cut down a Christmas tree last weekend.  This tradition is important in many ways: we like to spend time with family, we like to spend time outdoors, we like that we're helping our local forest service by thinning the forest - and we know firsthand about forest fires.   Most importantly, although I don't know of  a direct tie-in from Christmas trees to the meaning of Christmas, we are so blessed to celebrate the birth of Christ.  So if you're a knitter, and you're walking around in a high country forest, what do you wear??  I'll tell you!  ~ a qiviut blend hat, pattern Aisling .  ~ a wool cowl, pattern Folsom Points ~ a hooded, long, wool and alpaca sweater, pattern Cobblestone Trenchcoat ~ some stranded-colorwork wool mittens,pattern Now with Thicker Frosting! ~ and don't forget wool socks! pattern, my own recipe   Picture by my husband, and yes, we found the perfect tree!