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Happy Halloween!

Here's our merry little band out late.  Costume pictures tomorrow...

Downtown Photoshoots

I had two photoshoots in Denver this week for Bijou Basin Ranch .  (They have some gorgeous new colors coming out - not to mention seriously cute patterns!)  I was happy Natalie was willing and available to model for some of them.  She's got such great camera presence and is really fun to shoot.  It's kinda funny, this picture; it really was quite cold.  Marly and I were wearing gloves and hats, but Natalie was a sport looking very Spring in some skirts, tank tops, etc.  The pictures came out great; you can see more of them in January when the patterns are published!  Not only did Natalie model, but she brought along tons of fun accessories from her friends at The Sassy Factory .  I loved the plaid bag but we didn't get it into any of our shots.   For some photos with western flair, we took some pictures in front of  Rockmount Ranch Wear and the shop keepers were kind enough to lend us a cowboy hat for a few minutes. This morning I shot Ashley (also a cute model) in

Wheels are Turning

I acquired this item today, for my costume, and it took quite a bit more than I'd figured to get it into pieces.  It's been a crazy day.  I received no less than twelve phone calls while I was covered in grease trying to get this thing apart.  Some days, my phone doesn't even ring once! Can't wait to show you our end results...  !

What We're Doing This Weekend...

The past week, we've had visits from both of our parents and both of their dogs.  My parents were here very briefly but we had a very nice, leisurely visit from BFJ's parents.  Friday, we had a bit of time without agenda so I talked th em into posing for pictures.  I love this one; it tells you what a great couple they are.  We also celebrated three family birthdays.  Besides cake with homemade frosting - yum, we have been enjoying some zucchini bread with zucchini from our garden, some roasted pumpkin seeds from the pumpkins we carved (apparently the green ones are not for carving) and we are working on some local popcorn picked still on-the-cob...  (I bet Theresa and Steve are nodding at the winnowing) Yesterday, I came home from a meeting to find one of my sister-in-laws here, so I wrangled her into shopping at the thrift store and craft store for some Halloween crafting.  She made a black feather wreath for about half the price of the ones she'd been eyeing brand n

Family Photos

I love this picture of my little friend.   And I love this picture of these friends.  I just realized that these friendships are about the same age; must have been a good year!

Success and Failure

I made two sweaters for family pictures  this year.  I guess from there it might look like they are both successes, but alas! one is definitely not.  The blue sweater turned out great.  The brown one is my own design and while it seems pretty, it falls off my shoulders constantly, and is scratchy and hot.  (Imagine knitting in a few cat whiskers here and there, and you know how I feel when I wear it!)  Not the best yarn.  Knit and learn.  Ironically I wore the brown one for some pictures because it went better with everyone else's outfits, and it was only for a few moments.  I need to consult the experts and then once I figure out what went wrong with the construction, it will be donefor.  Details for the blue sweater: Pattern:  103-1 Jacket in Eskimo or Silke-Alpaca with A-shape by the DROPS Design Team. (that's a name) Yarn:  Cascade Yarns Eco-Wool, just over 1000 yards.  Needle:  US 10 Mods:  My only modification was that I changed the gauge.  Otherwise I pretty much

Red Feather Lakes II

I was telling someone about this place and decided that one picture probably didn't do it justice, so here are a few more.  The Red Feather Lakes are northwest of Ft. Collins; some lakes are private, some are open to the public. 

Pumpkin Time

My first applique, I made this little wall-hanging for my mom ten years ago!  Just thought I would share it with you while I sort through my project pile and decide what's next...  Happy October!

Red Feather Lakes

How beautiful is this place?? (Thanks for all the comments on the arches!)