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Did you know horseradish is something you can grow?  Did you know it blooms? Do you know anything about preparing it?  I don't, but hopefully I'll learn before fall so that I can use it, instead of just admiring it in the pot!

Thank You

I've said it before and I'm not sure "thank you" covers it but there it is.

The Garden

I have been working hard on the garden for this year.   blueberry blossoms Last year, I got swept up in lots of knitting adventures and did not put as much time into the garden, and the whole family seemed to miss it.  We did have some goodies growing, but not like previous years.  I think that also spurred BFJ to help more; he kept telling me how he couldn't believe how many weeds there were, and why hadn't I gotten them out?  Aha!  So now he knows I actually do something out there all day.  This year, we both have spent a lot of time in the garden.  It also helped (?) that we had a late winter and it was not really weather for planting until after Stitches South.   On the other hand, some things that usually come up early are having a hard time fighting the sudden heat.  Every year is interesting! If you wonder what we're doing, here is a little more detail.  For one thing, I planted garlic last spring.  I thought I would get a small crop but as it turned ou

Today, on our street...

there was a little parade, and all the neighbors came out to watch!