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Getting back to normal?

Long story short (never thought I'd say that here!), I have not wanted to blog much, lately.  Sometimes I wanted to and I couldn't get to it.  I like my blog to be full of light and joy, and in the moments I could see the light and joy, I was too busy to blog.  Face it, I slog through January and February, and parts of March, to get to Spring.  So here I am, getting back to normal.  The past year, I have done a lot of things I didn't expect, like going to all the Stitches conventions and finally making some good money as a knitter or / and photographer.  When I have late night calls to my hotel room from tearful little hearts, it makes me reexamine what's driving me.  I know in my heart that the number one job I have is wife / mother.  (They are not the same job, but they are pretty hard to separate, most of the time.)  I also know that having something new to learn, to contribute to, to be proud of, outside of my family unite, gives me more to give back to my fami


I have a lot of things to say, as always, just not always time to sit and sort it out.