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A Stitches Wrap-Up

Thanks to Dianne at Windy Valley Muskox (and her aunts who took my Beginning Knitting class and introduced me to her) I had the opportunity to go to all four Stitches knitting events in 2012. I had not been on an airplane since before 9/11 - just no reason to, most of our family is in Colorado, and had not really gotten out of the house and away from my comfort zone in a long time.  It has definitely been a fun year! I wrote about Stitches West here . Partly because I didn't know what to expect, and partly because I expected it to be a one-time opportunity, I definitely spent the most time absorbing the environment and getting to know people at West. It also helped that I got to sit at the Yarn Tasting table and talk for eight hours a day with knitters, and answering yarn and knitting questions. I met Sue and Christine there, as well as Sarah Peasley and Debbie Radtke, and Kristi and Lisa on the XRX staff, all of whom have since become friends. I neglected to write abo