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7 Herbs I Love to Grow

I have learned my lesson.  After months of keeping finicky plants alive only to find out no one in my family likes it, our plants now have to pass a multi-use test!  Herbs, on the other hand, are just plain lovely to have around, although I like them to be multi-talented, too.  Here are my top seven (in alphabetical order), and why I grow them.   BASIL : Honestly, I love this one just for the scent!  But then there's pesto.  If I did nothing else but make pesto, we still could grow more basil.  We also use it fresh in pasta and in marinara sauce.  Beware, it needs constant picking.   CHIVES : Let's start with, the bees love  chives.  The flowers are lovely and are constantly visited by pollinators.  As far as culinary uses, we put it in Lime Chive Butter  (great on corn), as well as in mashed potatoes, breakfast casserole, and when I roast whole chicken.   DILL :  We need it for pickles , and it can be difficult to buy a handful of dill stalks.  I als

mid-April garden report

For several years, I have been traveling to Stitches South in mid-April, and spending my free early-spring moments getting last-minute things done for that trip, often including finishing up patterns and working out social media ads.  This year, I had decided I needed to stay home and get some long-neglected things underway, and coincidentally, the company I represent (Windy Valley Muskox) also decided not to go!  Well that was easy.  So I've had more time to do some planning for the garden and yard.  I have completely failed to make time for this the last two or three years, and by the time summer rolled around, it was much to late to catch up. Let's just call this the 'before' picture. First, BFJ and I came to an agreement that while we do still need the fence around the garden (we no longer have a dog, but the boys play ball nearby,) it needs some repairs.  We've had lots of warm days in March and April, and have managed to tear it apart, but having lot

spring photography : knitting, flowers

Every morning when I leave to take my son to school, I think, "Whoops, should have grabbed my camera."  And then I dash off with him, and come back to different light.  Oh Spring, you are so lovely.   I'm working on socks, which are going to have a different toe than I first began.  I finished a shawl, Mistral, and I blocked another, Shawl 2.0.  Words later; pictures now.  

A Super Furry Animal

On the photo list for 116 in 2016, #50 super furry animal.  I met this sheep at Christmas and tracked it down again in January for a portrait.  How appropriate that s/he is eating fiber, eh?  Yes, I should know if it is a male or female.  But I don't.