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books and knitting: Miragamo Bag

Hello September!  In anticipation of Ginnie's yarn-along , I included a picture of my most recent book.   Just finished reading:   Cassius Marcellus Clay: Firebrand of Freedom , by H. Edward Richardson In my family history research, I came across a 4th-great-uncle, Cassius Clay Easton, b. 1845.  This uncle could not be named after the famous boxer (b. 1942) and I was curious about the namesake who must have inspired at least two families to name their sons after him.  I dug around a bit and found this book.  Along with being a staunch abolitionist and member of President Lincoln's cabinet, Clay was infamous for some of his fights with a Bowie knife.   I enjoyed learning more about history and politics, but the author does address some of the more unsavory facets of Cassius Clay.  Written in the 1970s, the author had first-hand acquaintance of some of Clay's ancestors and includes some more personal perspectives.  Clay spent so much time helping to shape politics and governm