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late September knitting, books, and podcasts

Sit and sip a nice cup of tea with me, while we chat!  After refreshing my memory about the things I've posted this year (not much!) what I see is that I really need to get down to something interesting and uplifting for you to read. The past month and a half, I have been working on a turquoise sweater for a friend and knitting patron who lives in Illinois.  I'll write up a little more about that later this week - maybe, if I remember!  I've got a couple of other projects just off the needles - but no pictures!  I guess I'll have to round them all up and tell you about them.   In the meantime, I have been so busy, and this summer included so many things where I was either the hostess, or primarily responsible for the planning, or photographing it!  In the past fourteen weeks, I believe we have had two weekends at home together.  I know many people would think that's a lot, but I don't run well on busy .  You know, I'm not going to say more abou

September Yarn-Along

Keeping it simple today so that I can get back on track!  I'm reading The Ministry of Ordinary Places, by Shannan Martin, The Last Romantics by Tara Conklin, and here and there, I'm doing some genealogy research.  And I'm knitting a blue hoodie sweater - I'm down to the seaming, which I love!   Find more beautiful knitting and books with Ginny's Yarnalong!