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garden progress

  The garden is filling out!  Those hollyhocks, we didn't plant them but they're fascinating to watch.  

end-of-June garden

       It's been unusually rainy this year, which has helped the water budget.  I'm not sure if the zucchini is getting enough sun with all the cloudy days, so far we just have some little fruits.  The squirrels are a problem, I'm pretty sure they stole the first zucchini!  I had three good plants and one pot, so I put the other two in random spots against the house, just to see...  would they be worth filling in some dead space?  They are keeping up fairly well with the pot in the sun.        All the major growing effort has been focused on the pots, but we do have some giant hollyhocks and a forest of dill!  Maybe we'll do some serious pickling this year, if we get some good cucs at the farmer's market.  Also some volunteer lettuce, which have been great for salads and lettuce wraps.        I feel pretty good about how the tomatoes are doing.  So far, I seem to have strong, healthy plants, flowering.  I watched this video and this video , and learned a bunch.  I