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Fall Baking :: Nut Lover's Granola

Continuing on with our baking spree , my middle kid and I made some nutty granola.   We used this recipe from Heather Ballard's blog.  It was a huge hit with everyone.  I feel lucky that in these times, my kids prefer to snack on nuts and fruits, and we have no allergies.  This is also a kid-friendly recipe, measuring out the nuts and oats was right up his alley.   We made a half batch, which was mostly easy except when it came to the canola oil, which we sort of eyeballed.  The two major changes we made were using just two kinds of nuts - what we had on hand, pecans and almonds.  We also used steel cut oats instead of rolled oats.  Again, what we hand on hand, and we didn't know the difference .  We do now, and luckily it worked out alright.  Everyone liked the steel cut, so we will use that again, actually!  As I said, the granola went over well.  It was requested for lunches and breakfast and after school snacks, and did not last a week.  This is a great o