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Photo Scavenger Hunt

The fellas and I have been enjoying the challenge of finding the items on the photo scavenger hunt.  We went up to Boulder today and scouted around at this park I'd been to fifteen years ago.  There were lots of dry creek beds and bridges to go under.  I joined the hunt in February but went and found a lot of the items on the January list, also.  I don't quite have all the items for the February list yet.  I have one thing that I have not shot at all, but I keep looking for better ideas for the ones I have shot.  I plan to post my top pick for each item on Monday.  Here's a link to my January photo scavenger hunt set on Flickr, if you are interested. 

Happy Valentine's Day

Flowers for all my blog friends! I believe I mentioned I have been going through my photos.  Over the last month, I have deleted several thousands and am freeing up space for new pictures!  I am also taking the time to organize them a bit; I'm renaming them and tagging them to make it easier to find pictures in the future.  It has been fun to look through all the old pictures.  I have also enjoyed all the green and growing pictures.  This week we here in Denver are supposed to have highs in the 60s everyday.  I am looking forward to that!  On a slightly different note, I recently upgraded my flickr account to "pro" but haven't known quite what to use it for.  This evening, I was enjoying the soundtrack of Il Postino while I had a slideshow going of garden pictures, and I thought, "Hey, I should download some of these to my flickr account."  I thought you might enjoy seeing them too. Here are some pictures from 2008 in my mother-in-law's garden. I w

Snowy Garden


Refreshed living room paint.  After: Before: FYI, my house was not built in the '20s, it's a few decades newer than that.  The new paint is Mineral from Behr (Home Depot).  Loved the two-in-one primer/paint, it covered really well in two coats.  It's a beige-gray, and although I knew it was going to be lighter than the green, I definitely expected it to look like colored walls.  Alas! the only reason I know for sure it is not white is because the mantel is white.  Other than that, I love the new airy quality it has brought.  I repainted the black parts of the fireplace (including the brass door frames), and am planning to paint the brick surround.  I was going to paint it white but now I wonder if it will be camoflaged, so I'm thinking perhaps white wash .  What do you think I should do?  Since I haven't decided yet it has not gotten done.  It definitely has to be painted, BFJ and I were a bit liberal when we re-mortared the bricks.  Oops. You