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A New Tradition

Somewhere in the last few years I stumbled across someone who had Christmas Quilts.  The quilts came out on December 1st and graced the beds only in December.  What fun!  I thought knitting a blanket would be faster than quilting, so I began last September (2010) on this blanket.  It is wide enough to cover our couch end to end - that's about seven feet, so all my boys can snuggle under it while watching a Christmas movie.  It is about four and a half feet long.  It took me a year!  I would have liked it to be a little more square but after a year, I just wanted to be done.  We got the blanket out sometime around Thanksgiving and it has definitely gotten some snuggling but I think I've used it the most!  If you are curious about the details you can find more information on my Ravelry project page , including how many skeins (14) it took.

Traditions New and Old

When I was little, my brother, sister, and I always got to sleep under the Christmas tree the first night it was up in our house.  We did not start this tradition right away with our kids, but last year it came up in conversation and my kids wanted to do it.  The kids slept under the tree last year; this year, we all slept in the living room last night, even though it was a school night!  Last Friday we joined my brother's family at my parents' in the mountains to cut a Christmas tree down.  While we were there, we got some Christmas pillowcases from my mom, a newish tradition she started a few years ago.  I had told her that I was trying to stay with red, green, and brown for all my decorations so she found this cute fabric.  I love them!  How about you?  Any out-of-the-ordinary holiday traditions at your house?  Come on, I know you want to share!  In fact, if you post about it and tell me, I'll link to your post.  Let me know!