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garden plans, spring 2022

(a little diary of gardening for myself, and maybe you!) Last year, we started seeds on March 18th.    This year, we started seeds on February 27th for two primary reasons.  First, I realized last year that some seed packets recommended 8 to 10 weeks (or even 12 to 24 weeks) and we were a little past that.  Secondly, we had a pretty mild late spring, and could easily have gotten a few more weeks of growing on the front end for tomatoes and things, if I started things inside sooner.  We are three weeks ahead of last year and I think it's going to work out pretty well.   Unfortunately, when I went to get all my old seeds and seed starting supplies, I discovered that every single packet had been nibbled on!  Most of the seeds were gone, those that were left were in jumble at the bottom of the box.  We suspect mice in the shed.  There were a couple of plastic baggies of seeds I had saved, and there were one or two packets with internal foil packets that had not been completely demolish