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fleece judging

This is not a comprehensive post about fleece judging; I just want to share with you one of the things I've done in the last couple of weeks - observing fleece judging!  Let's call it a photo essay.  A friend invited me to join her at the National Western Stock Show, and I learned a lot.  However, most of it would be more applicable to someone raising sheep, which I'm not, so it is hard to quantify what I learned - and repeat it accurately.  It was very fun, though!  One of the competition assistants surveys the entries  One of the judges evaluates the micron count Pulling out pieces of fleece for a closer look A collegiate team getting a lesson on what to look for in a prize fleece Detail of crimp and dirt Judge explaining the difference between these two locks Have you tried something new or learned something new this year?? 


Ten years ago, I started blogging as an often-lonely stay-at-home-mom with very small children, looking to connect with other quilters and moms.  Over the years, I have made a few steadfast blog friends, was inspired to improve my photography, and give knitting a try!  Wow, sometimes the path of life takes a huge curve that you don't see coming.  I would never have anticipated how learning to knit would change my life.  As my kids have grown, as I've spent more time in my garden, and as I have become, let's be honest, completely consumed by knitting , my blogging has become hit and miss.  As I saw favorite blogs post their last farewells, I was reluctant to close my own, even when I had not much to say.  The shuttering of some favorite sites can probably also be contributed in part to the use of many other social media platforms, which left blogging in the dust.   However, the last two years of social media has left me completely burnt out on this level of fast, po

little birdies

 The word is out: we have a new bird feeder!  The cats are also enjoying the bird feeder - I think.   Looking forward to fun things this week.  If I end up with some pictures, I'll share.  It's been, mostly, a mild and sunny winter.  What are you doing to fight off the winter blues?


Every year during November, we make a Thanksgiving Chain.  (Honestly, I missed a few years in there, when I was a young adult.)  Whoever is here at dinner or in the evening can add a link to it.  Needless to say, it is a good way to stop for a moment and be grateful, and to capture a season.   On our chain this year:  dogtags Lazz/Nico/Zeph LOL Suprize/Shopkins animals with wool Jesus's example Jen & Randi rest sunshine growth my mom my dad Grandpa's letters my wife opportunity God's faithfulness lemons family Lazz Nico Zeph Rachel funny parents and brothers socks music Christmas music chocolate hot tea a godly heritage thankfulness chilly mornings cloudy days soup autumn leaves grandparents Dairry mountains hot tea on a cold morning warm blankets snowy mornings good books out-spoken thinkers safety cheese sweet treats candle light roast Christmas music fruit han