Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fracture Update (or I KNEW I Was Right)

Speed broke his arm five weeks ago, a compound, open, fracture. One of my worst days as a parent. But anyway... He got his cast off a week ago and the doctors and medical people who've seen him since the break all swear that nothing is wrong with his arm. It hangs there, limply, not doing any of its jobs - coloring, holding, brushing, and he can't put his thumb up. My friend works for an orthopedic clinic and made an appointment for us with one of their doctors. I was so relieved when he said it was radial nerve damage and most likely will heal completely. He did give us some stretching suggestions, and they made a splint to keep the wrist up; this will help the fingers to be able to hold onto things better. Just in time for school.
Sometimes, you just have to trust your instincts, regardless of what the Experts tell you.


Marcie said...

Your blog is so cute all in RED! I hope your son is OK. With little boys it is always something. Good luck and have fun!

Sara said...

Poor little guy! I am glad you were persistent about it though!