Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sue's Sampler

This quilt started out as a way to experiment with new blocks but my mom immediately exclaimed over them and I knew it should belong to her. Consequently, the other blocks were chosen to represent her. The blocks are (left to right, top to bottom) Airplane, April Tulips, Lily of the Field, Rosebud, Crown of Thorns, Church, Bride's Bouqet, Byzantine Star, Delectable Mountains, Storm at Sea, Road to Oklahoma, Lucky Clover, Grandmother's Fan, Fox and Geese, Christmas Star, and Four-Patch. All of the blocks have a common fabric, the black floral, also the post fabric in the post-and-beam sashing. I am planning to add a post-and-beam border, also. I am looking forward to quilting this but haven't finished anything this big before. I have done some lap quilts in a hoop. Although I was given a quilt frame by my aunt, I don't know where I'd set it up.

In trying to find a place to photograph the quilt this morning, my BFJ suggested that I put quilt clamps under the eaves of my shed so I can hang them by myself. What a good idea! Now I have to find some clamps.


Sara said...

What a great quilt top! I love it! Welcome to the blogging world!

Nana said...

Wow! The quilt is beautiful and so, so special. I am very excited about it! You did a wonderful job!