Friday, February 6, 2009

Where Have I Been All Month?

I have been here, working on this and that. Mostly laundry. Also, a little garden planning, reconnecting with old friends, child training, helping at school, a teensy bit of knitting, taxes, and today, we went to a funeral. Our friend Amy lost her mom, Kay. It was a nice service and gathering of friends.

I have been thinking about my garden. I was looking for ideas on Rate My Space and was reminded of my own Rate My Space page, although it's not actually my space. It's my mother-in-law's. If you'd like to see her garden from last year, here's a link.

I have been working on piecing a quilt. I stayed up late one night, laying it out, only to realize that two blocks are missing! Now, where can they be? I haven't worked on this quilt since last fall, and I have shuffled the blocks around, moving it for guests in the guest room, taking pictures, shifting projects... Well, I actually need to clean out my craft room, because we are going to have a house guest for a few months. I might find them? It isn't hopeful. I may have to make new blocks, but I'm not sure that I have enough fabric, so if I have to introduce a whole new fabric, then I have to shift everything around and... I had to give up and go to bed. And the next morning, because I didn't know what to do about it, I started knitting a new hat. I must have some busywork for my hands. Well, I will let you know what happens. Because I am going to finish this quilt top this year, no matter what!!

Oh, and Speed keeps telling me about The Riggler. That cracks me up.


Sara said...

It sounds like you have been pretty busy. I am sure you will find the missing blocks. Hope things are going well!

Candace said...

So sorry about your friend's mother, Karen. May she rest in peace.
I bet you find those blocks in no time - maybe the Riggler borrowed them :>)