Monday, March 30, 2009

End of March

It snowed again this morning and I hear we may have more this week.
The kids are away today, so I slept in a bit, and watched a movie, Miss Potter. What a lovely idea to retire to the country and draw, and raise sheep. Instead, here's what I'm working on:

I see these chickens here and there, now and then, and I always think, "I could do that." And I finally did. They are so easy to whip together. If you can't figure it out and you want to make them, I'll post a tutorial. Next, amongst my other projects, I am working on a little doll for a little friend. I only have her face done, but I am sure she'll go together quickly. I think her face turned out pretty well considering I don't have much experience with embroidery. I saw her first on another blog but you can find more information on making one of your own here.


Sara said...

Lucky you - more snow. I bet you are sick of it! I like the chickens and the doll face!

Thimbleanna said...

I LOVE Miss Potter -- now you've made me want to see it again. Those little chickies are very cute!