Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pop the Top on THAT!

Today, we had a family bridal shower for my sister which I helped plan and my mother-in-law graciously agreed to host in her home. It was to be a garden shower, but Autumn arrived today, complete with a cool drizzle so instead, we had the shower inside. It’s hard to say what the best thing about the shower was. We had lots of great brunch fare including muffins, breads, homemade cinnamon rolls, breakfast casseroles, fruit, chocolate covered strawberries, and cake pops. I enjoyed seeing lots of people I love but haven’t seen lately. There was a LOT of laughing, which was just what I had hoped for. We played a game where we had teams of four or five ladies and the team worked together to come up with as many movies as they could that included weddings, proposals, or wedding preparations. (I love the scene in Sleepless in Seattle where Meg Ryan’s and Bill Pullman’s characters are registering for china.) I didn’t realize this was going to be such a competitive group; ladies can surprise you!

Then we did this thing you might have heard of… Someone discreetly takes notes of what the bride-to-be says while she is opening gifts. When they are all unwrapped, said discreet person reads these exclamations aloud with the preface of “things you might heard the Bride say if you were standing outside the honeymoon suite…” Some of my favorites were, “Pop the top on that!” and “I hope I’m not being timed on this.”

The frivolity continued outside when we took a few group shots and someone tried to get the silly faces going. As you can see, my sister never fully recovered from that. There were lots of lovely pictures taken in my mother-in-law’s garden.

I did not think my cake pops came out too well, but it was my first time using Candy Melts. A little experience would have served me well. Not to mention, a plan for what to do with them after they were made! I ended up stacking them up on a platter. Although I did think I came up with an ingenious way of stacking them in the freezer, using ice cube trays to elevate the second tray! Everyone said they were great; I never did try them. I thought my sister-in-law’s strawberries were fantastic.

I received a half bushel of cucumbers from a friend this week, and tried my hand at pickles! We hear they’ll be splendid by Thanksgiving. I hope they are!

And I can finally show you one of the gifts I made this summer: socks for my mom. I snuck some pictures while we were at her house in July because I thought the mountain meadow scenery would be a great backdrop for their vivid colors. We’ll see if my mom becomes a handknit sock lover.

Pattern: Monkey by Cookie A.
Yarn: Scout’s Swag

Please forgive my post with the pictures weighing down the left side of the space. I was fine with the way Blogger used to load pictures, but apparently my comfort was not a high priority.


Laurie said...

I am so pleased someone else has noticed blogger has changed the way they upload pictures I am having all sorts of problems...
your sock look sooooo good, and the pops look good enough to eat.

Judy said...

The pops look yummy. Bet your mom loves the socks. Looks like a great shower -too bad about the weather.
I think the blogger upload is very much a pain now.

Candace said...

I love the idea of cake pops, Karen - you can eat cake, but not feel guilty about eating a lot! And the little tuxedo strawberries - how clever!!! I played that comment game before and wound up ROFLMAO!!
I still load photos one at a time on the Edit HTML side. It's the only way I know how to get them in order and have them be "clickable"!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh how fun! I burst out laughing when I read the things your sister said while opening presents -- I'll bet you guys were laughing pretty darn hard.

The cake pops look divine! And those socks are gorgeous -- thanks for sharing the pattern link!