Thursday, November 26, 2009


BFJ told me on Monday that I needed to get out and do something exciting so I could update my blog.  I've had too much going on but no words to aptly describe life, these days.  I have been knitting like mad for a friend, and am still working on that.  (Everything's due next Tuesday!)  And I've had four other people in the house all day every day this week.  It's been nice, but crazy.  What have I been up to besides contract knitting?   One of my little boys requested socks awhile back, so I am trying to knit those in time for Christmas.  I have finished making a couple of Christmas gifts, I have gotten almost all my Christmas shopping done, I've been working on a jigsaw puzzle (I need something to break up the knitting,) and just generally trying to keep up with my housemates.  They are putting together a band.  They've got a great name but I'm not going to tell.  Here's a sneak peek of the group.  (The third fellow has drumsticks but they're flying too fast for my camera.)   

We also had a visit from Grandpa this week, and for lunch we had Coke - out of bottles!  We had quite a time using a bottle opener.  Of course, this lead to some nostalgia; for example BFJ was reminded of the old vending machines where you reached in and pulled out your bottle.  Remember those?  It was a nice visit. 

This morning before I was up, Speed and the Bruise made a coffee cake with a little supervision from Dad.  Now we have The Parade on and everyone just got a haircut.  We need to look nice for all those pictures I know will be taken, right?  My list for the day: haircuts, eat, knit.  One down, two delightful activities to go.  We're going to my in-laws' for dinner and BFJ made a fancy pie like this.  I hope we also get a chance to squeeze in my favorite holiday movie: A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. 

Tomorrow we are going to Aunt Banana's where I hear there will be nine boys under ten years old.  That's going to be exciting! 

I hope you all have a restful Thanksgiving, and that you have lots to be thankful for.  I know I do. 


Stephanie D. said...

Sounds like a wonderful family day, Karen! Enjoy!

Thimbleanna said...

Do you think those boys will remember you when they're a big famous rock band? They look so cute! And Banana Pumpkin, huh? It sounds delicious, but I've never had one -- ok, I've never even heard of it!

Minniestitches said...

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving with your family! I went to my American cousin's house and celebrated there as well, just my fourth turkey dinner for Thanksgiving, three for the Canadian and one for the American. I had a blast being a crazy Black Friday shopper and did lots of Christmas shopping. Enjoy your boys, they'll grow up faster than you think!
Happy Holidays to you and your family.