Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Mmmmm Fall

This past summer I was looking for some salsa ideas but stumbled instead upon a recipe for apple butter.  I've actually never had apple butter before.  I keep seeing apples on sale at the grocery store so finally bought some.  Last night, the boys and I got started on this project.  Of course, as I was skimming the recipe I hadn't noticed the "stir for 1 or 2 hours" part!  I'm glad it didn't actually take longer than an hour to get to the buttery consistency.  We all had some this morning on toast.  Mmm-mmm!  No wonder I like fall.  I made this apple butter with Golden Delicious, per the recipe, but I also bought some Honeycrisp, which my friend Candace has raved about.  She lives a lot closer to the Pacific than I do so maybe they aren't as pricey where she lives.  I was glad to find them on sale, and bought five. 
They are delicious, no doubt about it.   

Now I have several little jars of apple butter and hope that by Thanksgiving I'll have added more to my nice little stash of homemade goodies to share with friends, teachers, neighbors, etc.  Although I can't guarantee we will have any left by Christmas!  (Maybe the apples will be on sale just a little longer.)

I also recently purchased some Cranberry Autumn at my local tea shop; perfect for some quiet time with a great book, or some stitching and a holiday movie!


Thimbleanna said...

I've never actually had apple butter. It sure looks delicious though!!!

ranette said...

Oh yummy....I am drooling as I type this. Apple butter is a favorite for me.

Nicole said...

Would love for you to share your recipe for the apple butter - I think my girls would love it!

Stephanie D. said...

How did you live so long without tasting apple butter?? I have on old Farm Journal Canning and Cook book with several fruit butter recipes and I have made several of the apple butter ones. MMMMMMM! I haven't made any in years, though. Seems I never have enough time off at the right time!